Towards a better
built environment


of the buildings that will exist in the UK in 2050 are already here 1


is needed to upgrade our homes to suitable energy efficiency levels by 2050 2


of the world's natural resources are consumed by cities 3


of Europe's GHG emissions come from building materials, construction and demolition; 70% of this is emitted before the building is used. 4

elizabeth communicates ideas for change.

We deliver strategic communications for clients with a mission to radically improve the real estate sector.

Accelerating the decarbonisation of our buildings, increasing our focus on nature-based solutions, and putting communities at the heart of development are vital parts of the pathway to a better built environment.

Working with pioneering companies and collectives, we help them communicate their innovations, share their knowledge and contribute to shaping cities differently – to become healthy, fair and symbiotic parts of our environmental and social ecosystems.